A Look into Foxconn Case Study

Foxconn Technology Group is a major electronics manufacturer which caters into the famous brands – Apple, Nokia and Sony. However, the company has been linked to various controversies which is altogether related to the management of its employees. The series of 2010 suicides included 14 out of 18 of its employees registered to death. There are many management case studies which are studied by students who are enrolled in these related courses. However, as you may think a case study is difficult to interpret, act or even provide resolution for decision making. To deal with this, there are many provider who deals in Foxconn case study assignment help services. The corresponding case study often comes up in many academic curriculum and is quite important. This article is about looking into the case of Foxconn and what are the factors important.

Issues in Foxconn

There are many important factors considered in the areas of following case study.  

  • Leadership style – Many of the reports have suggested that the leadership style of Foxconn is responsible for continuous suicides. As per many assignment help experts, their employees have argued about providing a warm working and supportive environment which Foxconn was not able to provide at all. 
  • Rewarding policies – There are other factors which resulted in many suicide attempts that stated the Foxconn has a minimum pay of 900 RMB which is believed to be exploitative. This discouraged the fulfillment of basic needs for their employees. Apart from these reasons, there are many reasons to quote. If you are having difficulty, you can contact the best Foxconn case study assignment help Australia
  • Communication opportunity – Communication is an important medium of expressing yourself such that it relieves you from any stress. However, many people have argued the fact about the lack of communication in Foxconn, which is quite disturbing as it can pose psychological problems in them. If you are looking for Foxconn case study assignment help online, then many professional experts can assist you in this regard.   
  • Fairness – Practice of fairness is the most crucial factor in any type of organisation. People always wants to work in a fair environment rather than in where they feel cheated. However, practice of unfairness exist in Foxconn. There are many rumors which come up such as security guards maintain their order as per their personal moods rather than the regulation policies of the company. For more information, you can contact our online Foxconn case study assignment help experts to know more about it.     

However, the given fact holds true that we cannot personally check whether the claims made above are true or not. But you can reach out to state facts and figures which are maintained by professionals of online assignment help services.

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