Property Law And Its Theories

Property can be defined as the physical or virtual entity which has an owner’s name attached to it. It could be owned by an individual or group of individuals. Students pursuing the corresponding course in Law need to understand the concepts of Property law and has to submit assessment reports in a designated time. They are happy dealing with the trouble by taking the assistance of Property law assignment help services. However, the most important thing about ownership is that you are liable to consume, mortgage, rent, sell, transfer or destroy your property.

Theories Associated With Property Law   

The article lists out various theories that are associated with the Property law which helps to know the in and outs of the law that is based on the ownership of your property. This area generally holds down important and gives you the information about how can you conduct your right on your property. Some of these theories are important and can be learnt through online Property law assignment help experts. These theories are given down below:

  • Labour Theory – The corresponding theory is called ‘positive theory’, which states that labour is the sole foundation of the property. It states that labour produces the property or brings it into acknowledgement. Labour Theory is supported by Spencer who wants it on the basis of equal freedom. According to Spencer, property is the result of the efforts from an individual and consequently, no such person holds any right to property which he has not acquired through the use of his personal effort.
  • Psychological Theory – As per the experts who deal in Property Law assignment help Australia, psychology theory states that property came into existence only by the account of acquisitive instinct of humans. As per the theory given by Bentham, a property is a conception of the mind. It simply relates to do nothing by deriving certain advantages from the property.
  • Functional Theory – The corresponding theory can indeed referred to as ‘sociological theory of property’. The theory implies that the concept of property has to be considered as a social institution which can benefit other people or secure the maximum interests of society, rather than being considered it as the property for an individual.

Concepts Covered In Property Law

There are many concepts that are given by many experts who provides  assignment help Australia and are considered important. These concepts are given down below in the form of different types of properties:

  1. Movable property and the associated laws
  2. Immovable property and the defined laws
  3. Tangible and Intangible properties

Besides these, there are different laws associated with property in the name of:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Trade marks
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Design registration

For more information, students can refer online Property law assignment help services any time as per their convenience.

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