Do My Assignment – A Tragic Alien Story

Listen, Adam. I don’t have much time. This planet, this University land, it is all a sham. Do not come here. I beg you. Listen to this message carefully and save your life.

Students here are not asking experts questions like do my assignment help or write my answer and all sort of stuff! I am going mad here. You need to come and rescue me without getting out or they will capture you. The students here are really dangerous. They are writing their assignments themselves. I tried to establish contact with them but they seem to be ignoring me. They can see me though, I guess. But what if they can’t? Oh dear, I was talking to myself all this time? And I thought why was that cute girl ignoring me and made a sullen face, got up and stormed out! It wasn’t her fault because she can’t see me.

I asked one kid if he can do my assignment for me and even offered him money. Now I understand why he didn’t say nothing. It’s not because he was afraid, it’s because he couldn’t see or hear me!

Oh, Adam. What have we done? Why did we have to get on an adventure that takes us to universities throughout the universe? Now I am stuck and I am screaming this message in what looks like a baseball bat. Wait, I think I saw someone. Hold there, I’ll be back.

Okay, it was nothing. Just a giant cockroach that is the campus pet. Yeah, it is weird but I think he is the only one who can see me. I call him Adam too. He follows me and has got my back, just like you. I met him in the basketball court the other day when I was looking to pay someone to do my assignment. Why did we have to go on looking for intergalactic experts? I was telling you that it is not a good idea but you didn’t listen to me. And you threw me first in that stinky glowing well. What a rat you are. Now I am stuck here with no idea how to get back and you are somewhere on earth and chewing my favourite chocolate bar and watching all the shows that I like.


Jeff Richards was eaten by Adam the cockroach the same afternoon after he broadcasted this message on the university radio by matching the bat’s frequency with the campus radio. What we can tell you is that the campus students didn’t like the remarks he made.

What Do You Learn?

The moral of the story is to not go looking for do my assignment where you don’t belong. My Assignment Services is a sweet and caring organisation. We know how much you want to seek the advice of experts and how much you want to keep it a secret. Don’t worry, we have you back!

Our services are totally safe, reliable, cheap, fast and everything that you would want. We do not have intergalactic experts, but we do have international experts who are ex-professors of reputed universities across the globe!

Reach out to us at and we promise we won’t screw up your SOS call. We will even respond to you when you ask us “can you do my assignment?”, we swear.

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