Online Civil Engineering Assignment Help for Strength of Materials

The Strength of Material is a subject that civil engineering students hate to their core. There is no doubt that this troublesome subject plays a significant role in their career ahead, the hardest part of any journey is the start, right? Hence, the best civil engineering assignment help, My Assignment Services brings to some key concepts that a civil engineer should be aware of.

Stress & Strain

Any physical body, living or otherwise, undergoes a stress. The stress is the ratio of the force that the neighbouring particles apply on the per unit area of the particle under observation.


Do not confuse it with pressure. Stress and pressure are two different things. When you are writing assignments related to civil engineering, consider the various stresses that are applied, analyse their values. If the numerical data is unavailable, you should assume the values as per the industry standards.

According to the best civil engineering assignment help provider, and other notable textbooks (meh), the strain is an effect of the stress in any body. When you are applying some force to any body, it is obvious that there will be a slight deformation in the body. That deformation can either be an increase in the length or the change in shape. Such a change is called a strain.



Every physical body tends to return to its original shape and size when the deforming force is removed from it. This property of the materials is called elasticity. Elasticity plays a determinant role in the lives of the civil engineer. The online assignment help experts say that half the question is done if the student is able to identify the appropriate formula of the stress, the type of stress, and the elasticity modulus.

Hooke’s Law

It is an important law in the world of civil engineering and the foundation of every problem related to elasticity. The law is really simple. it says that deformation is directly proportional to the force applied.

Deformation α Load Applied

It also says that as long as the object is lying within the boundaries of elasticity, the body will return to its original shape and size when the load is removed. Quality Assignment help organisations like ours can easily help you through such questions and guide you step by step in a detailed manner to how you can write such assignments. Should you need a more detailed insight into the assignment, our experts can write them for you as well.

Poisson’s Ratio

Poisson’s ratio is the negative of the ratio of the transverse strain to the axial strain.

Poisson's Ratio

Poisson’s ratio exists because every material becomes narrower when it is stretched. However, materials prefer resisting a change in their volume than a change in their shape. When the material is deformed, the atoms and inter-atomic bonds realign themselves with the new shape.


We certainly hope that these concepts got clearer with you. If you were already aware of them all, we hope that it provided you with a quick revision into the roots of strengths of materials. For more such cool topics and discussions, take the online civil engineering assignment help from our experts and get the complex simplified in a fraction of seconds.

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